Rotary Elects New President



On 1st July John Robini was elected as President of the Rotary club of Haslemere.

John has lived in Haslemere for about 18 years, but knows the area and Community well, having worked across Waverley for about 40 years. Accepting the role John says he wants to promote the two main objectives of Rotary. That is to raise money for local and international charities, and to provide fellowship for members.

In order to achieve this he wants to work with local clubs, charities and agencies. The two charities nominated for his Year are 'A place to be' and 'The Hunter Centre'.

Rotary meet every week at The Georgian, on a Thursday evening. John is very interested in starting a smaller Rotary club specifically for younger members, families and business people. If you are interested in finding out more about your local Rotary or can offer help, please contact John on 07932 007281 or e-mail

Visit the Rotary Club of Haslemere website for more information, pictures and a calendar of our events.

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